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2 Million Farmers Reached through Various ICT & Media based Information Solutions

A workshop titled ‘Improving Lives of Farmers through ICT & Media’ was held on 15 January 2017. The event highlighted how Katalyst has reached approximately 2 million farmers through ICT and media based agricultural solutions from 2013 to 2017. The workshop was moderated by Dr. Golam Rahman, Chief Information Commissioner of Government of Bangladesh.

The workshop presented examples of successful collaborations between Katalyst and relevant public and private sector organisations for utilising ICT & media based agriculture solutions to benefit farmers of Bangladesh. To ensure effectiveness of these solutions Katalyst has worked over the years on developing capacity of relevant stakeholders of the public and private organisations, creating awareness among farmers of the available ICT and media based solutions, and creating linkage among relevant stakeholders of the industry. In addition to facilitating better agriculture information solution design, Katalyst also collaborated with renowned academic institutes such as the University of Dhaka to design a first of its kind agriculture journalism course to ensure supply of quality agriculture journalists in the media industry.

The workshop was attended by representatives from various donor bodies, government extension agencies, leading telecom operators and agriculture input companies, academic institutions, and media channels etc. These representatives also shared their valuable experiences of working with Katalyst and highlighted examples of a lot of innovative and successful agricultural information solutions.


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