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A tri-party Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed followed by a Roundtable discussion

As a part of Katalyst’s farmed fish sector exist strategy, Katalyst has signed a MoU with Faculty of Fisheries, SAU with an objective to share its experience as in, documenting its learning in fish sector. The aim is to support SAU with learning materials (training manuals, modules, reports, documentary and all other project learning materials) to carry forward research and development activities in fish sector through updated information and learning led by Katalyst.

In addition, a leading aqua input company, Eskayef Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has also signed the agreement with an aim to facilitate SAU to conduct research primarily for Sneakhead fish (Shoal) to address the underlying constraints in terms of Seed production, feeding regime and popularize the improved culture techniques. Also the objective of Eskayef is to find out scope for business intervention by conducting specific research in selected fish sector.

About Round table discussion:

To begin the first research activity, Sylhet Agriculture University (SAU) and Eskayef Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has jointly organised a round table discussion on the prospect of Sneakhead (Shoal) fish culture, seed production and feeding regime in presence of company staff, hatchery owners and respective government officials. The objective of the discussion was to brainstorm with all relevant stakeholders to find out a research topic to tackle the challenges faced by hatcheries and fish farmers for Snakehead fish (locally known as Shoal) culture. Also to find out the issues that needs to be addressed to popularise Shoal fish farming through the research. As a result, a research plan had emerged from the discussion that will lead to a find out solution for the problem in terms of Sneakhead brood management, seed production, feeding regime and culture techniques.

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