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Agri-business for Trade Competitiveness Project (ATC-P),branded as Katalyst, is a market development project that aims to contribute to increased income for poor men and women in rural areas. It does so by increasing the competitiveness of farmers and small enterprises by facilitating changes in services, inputs and product markets.


Katalyst’s approach is based on the premise that enhanced private and public sector business services, coupled with an improved enabling environment, lead to more competitive enterprises, sustainable economic growth, and poverty reduction.

The project works indirectly, focusing on achieving sustainable changes to the market system. It partners with a wide range of private and public sector intermediaries who have either long-term business interests or a mandate to work in a particular sector.

In partnership with market players, Katalyst designs and implements interventions to address underlying market constraints. A key feature of these interventions is that they harness market incentives to encourage the reaching of large numbers of beneficiaries and to ensure sustainability. Katalyst follows a rigorous monitoring and impact assessment system which measures results and helps to inform and improve future interventions.

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