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Annex 1- Project Proposal Template

Annex 2 – Budget template for RfP


Procurement of goods and services

Katalyst manages a transparent procurement process designed to maximise value for money and ensure full accountability for procurement decisions. The General Manager, advised by the Director, Finance and Administration, has overall responsibility for the development and implementation of the procurement system. Directors are responsible for procurement within the Business Plan and their respective budgets, by recommending or approving a procurement activity; the respective Manager and Director certify that the purchase is within the framework of the relevant Business Plan and associated annual budget. The Procurement Controller within the Finance Department is responsible for advising Katalyst employees on the procurement procedures, and for ensuring that procurement procedures are correctly followed and fully documented.

Setting the Selection Criteria:

While the exact criteria set will usually vary based on the nature of the particular assignment, the following criteria are generally applicable in the evaluation of potential goods and service providers for office running and direct programme activities:

• professional capacity to carry out the assignment (relevant skills, available knowledge);
• relevant experience in similar projects and/or in the sector;
• sufficiently large resource pool (human and financial), ability to mobilise additional resources;
• established networks relevant to the assignment;
• experience of working with Katalyst or a similar donor funded project;
• value for money.

Required Submission Documentation:

All competitive tenders require qualifying organisations to submit the following:

Organisational Information:

Organizational information must include:
• the submission of an organizational profile, with the CVs of key persons who will be involved in the assignment; and,
• a list of the existing clientele of the organization.

Technical Information:

Technical information must include:
• a technical proposal showing understanding of the assignment, proposed operating procedure for implementation of individual execution order , timelines, project team profiles, roles and individual time to be spent in the assignment, deliverables, quality assurance, monitoring, etc.;
• a separate financial proposal setting out a budget for the assignment; and,
• a summary of relevant services provided over the last two years.

Mandatory Legal and Financial Information:

It is mandatory for bidding organisations to submit documentary evidence demonstrating their legal, taxation, and financial status.

This includes:

• a certificate of incorporation and Trade License (for individual/ sole proprietor companies, a trade license only);
• NGO bureau registration (if applicable);
• an organizational organogram of permanent key personnel, inclusive of the names of such personnel;
• tax identification number (TIN) certificate;
• VAT registration certificate;
• proof of a valid account with a bank (providing the name and address of such account);
• a signed statement testifying that all information contained within the proposal is correct and true.

Exceptions to this mandatory list can only be decided by the Director of Finance and Administration on a case by case basis and must be documented in the procurement file.

See also the RfP for any other specific required documentation.

Bidder guidance:

Form of Submission: All offers must be sent in hard-copy form (i.e. submission of e-mail tenders alone are unacceptable), and lodged either via the postal system or courier service or delivered directly to the Katalyst office,with separate envelopes for the technical and financial proposals, enclosed within an outer envelope. All envelopes are to be addressed to the Katalyst person listed in the RfP/EoI notice, with the two inner envelopes also marked ‘Technical Proposal’ and ‘Financial Proposal’, as relevant. Failure to do so will disqualify the tendering organization from the tendering process. In all cases, the offer must be sealed in a covering envelope, addressed as per the RfP/EoI notice, and lodged directly in the Tender Box located at the Ground Floor Reception area.

Evaluation of offers by Katalyst:

Separation of financial and technical elements:

The technical proposal envelopes only, are opened first, and evaluated against the required deliverables for the contract. Only the financial proposals of the bidders whose technical proposals meet the minimum technical proposal score will be opened and evaluated. Those bidders whose technical proposals fail to meet the minimum requirement will have their financial proposal envelopes returned unopened, and will be advised that their proposals failed to meet the technical requirements, and which requirement(s) they failed to meet. As mentioned above, in the case of proposals involving cost-sharing, both the technical and financial proposals may be considered at the same time.


Scoring is dependent on the type of good or service to be procured.

Type Method
Quality Cost Based (QCB): This procedure will require that the selection criteria be divided into two parts: Technical (80% of the total possible score) and Financial (20% of the total possible score), with a minimum score set for the technical part. The minimum technical score may vary from contract to contract, as circumstances require, but should be at least 55 points out of the possible 80 points (i.e. 55% of 80%).
Co-facilitators and Sector Intervention Partners follow this selection method except where single sourcing can be justified as per the rules contained in our Project Manual. Individual Consultants, Support Suppliers, and other Administrative Purchases may follow this selection method where appropriate.
Quality Based: In circumstances involving highly complex or specialised goods and services, or for safety and security reasons, it may be necessary for the Technical proposal to represent up to 100% of the total possible score.
Cost Based: In circumstances involving routine purchases of low value, it may be appropriate for the Financial Proposal element to represent up to 100% of the total possible score.

• Selection:

The key criterion is that the proposal selected demonstrates that the organisation can best meet Katalyst’s requirements, as outlined in the RfP, with a balance of financial and technical criteria i.e. is the best ‘value for money’.

• Notification of Unsuccessful Tenderers:

Those that have not been selected will be notified, by the Administration Department, of their status in writing or e-mail, or by phone once the winning organisation is selected. The whole process of selection will be appropriately documented for future reference.

• Repetition or Cancellation:

If no sufficiently suitable bids are found, the Evaluation Panel has the discretion to go through the whole process again, or enter into direct negotiations with a preferred bidder from among the qualifying organisations. Katalyst has the right to cancel a bidding process, accept or reject bids without notifying any reasons to the bidders. It also has the right to ask one or more of the bidding organisations to resubmit and/or revise its proposal if it deems fit.

Pre-Contract Negotiations:
The Evaluation Panel may only negotiate directly with the chosen supplier once the choice of supplier is made. A written record of all such pre-contract negotiations should be made and should be provided to the Procurement Officer.

Contract Amendments:
To reflect changes in the contract, which may include changes in agreed activities, time required and/or the budgeted amount, a contract may be amended, based on mutual agreement between Katalyst and the contracting party. This may be done only where the likely cost of the amendment adds no more than 20% of the total budget of the original contract (and such cost amendment can be undertaken two consecutive times only), and there is not a substantial change in the nature of the services to be provided.

General issues:

Tenderers must refrain from pre-discussion of the contents of any such selection criteria or interview plan or confer any other unfair advantage on any other tenderer involved in this procurement process.
The selected candidate will be contractually obliged to abide by the Swisscontact Code of Conduct.

Katalyst reserves the right to invite additional bidders to participate in an announced tender, exclude one or more bidders from consideration, extend the deadline for submitting bids, or cancel any tender procedure.

Other Information

Competitive Open Tender: A procurement notice, i.e. Request for Proposal, RfP, or Expression of Interest, EoI, is published in one or more national newspaper(s) and on the project website, and any qualifying organisation is able to submit an Expression of Interest or a Proposal.
Competitive Closed Tender: Katalyst may approach a minimum of three known qualifying organisations with a request to submit an Expression of Interest or Proposal.
Katalyst will also maintain a list of organisations that have been excluded from collaboration with Katalyst. Organisations can be excluded at any point in time with immediate effect following the approval of the General Manager.
Single Sourcing: Single sourcing may only be used in circumstances where:• Katalyst can identify only one qualifying organisation or expert individual consultant (for example, the organisation holds knowledge of an earlier intervention in a sector and such knowledge is crucial for the effective and efficient implementation of other interventions); or,
• the delay associated with organising a competitive tender would be seriously detrimental to the efficient management of the project or a specific activity; or,
• a particular brand is specifically required and only one distributor is available in Bangladesh.In these restricted circumstances, Katalyst may negotiate the supply of goods or services directly with a single organisation or consultant.

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