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Vegetable in particular plays an important role in the overall economic development of Bangladesh. Given Bangladesh’s rapid population growth rate and changing consumer preferences, the potential demand for vegetables and its supporting industries (e.g. seed, pesticide, integrated pest management, fertilizer inputs, ago-processing and retailing), are all projected to experience higher growth in next 5 years.

The vegetable sector contributed approximately USD718 million to Bangladesh’s gross domestic product in 2010, with production reaching 3.2 million metric tonnes covering 936,000 acres. More than 12% of the rural population is employed in this sector; more than a million of them are female labourers. In addition a large number of women in rural areas are engaged in homestead vegetable cultivation (that is, growing vegetables in a small area of land around the house).

Katalyst has been working in the vegetable sector since 2003, facilitating market actors to offer better services and products to the poor vegetable farmers. In Phase 3 (2014-17), the project has consolidated its work into three key areas, farming techniques, inputs, and forward market. The aim is to facilitate a more dynamic pro-poor vegetable market.

By 2017, Katalyst envisions 643,000 Poor vegetable farmers, both men and women, will experience higher incomes through appropriate use of quality inputs, improved selling practices and better cultivation practices.

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