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Business Promotion Councilsigned a contract with BSFF and BVAPEA

Business Promotion Council (facilitating partner of ATC-P/Katalyst) has signed a contract with Bangladesh Shrimp and Fisheries Foundation (BSFF) and Bangladesh Fruits, Vegetables and Allied Products Exporter’s Association (BVAPEA) on 15 May 2017 to implement selected activities addressing supply side constraints and enhances export diversification of agricultural and aqua cultural products. The collaboration aims to undertake several activities to enhance farmers’ technical know-how, policy advocacy, and international market linkage. The objective is aligned implementation of fishery and agro sector specific activities of ATC-P/Katalyst through Business Promotion Councils to develop the awareness, capacity, and skills of market players on export competitiveness of specific sectors as well as develop capacity of Fishery Products Business Promotion Councils (FPBPC) and Agro Products Business Promotion Council (APBPC) in their endeavors to provide improved services to the relevant stakeholders.

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