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Capitalisation and External Relations


Capitalisation is the process through which Katalyst identifies documents and promotes learning and experiences of its own and others. When stakeholders adopt and promote the approach, there will be increased outreach and impact, resulting in both direct and indirect benefits for the poor. These benefits are expected to extend beyond Katalyst’s lifespan. Caplitalisation in Katalyst is used to learn from its own and design more effective interventions. It also focuses on anchoring (instituitionalising) Katalyst’s learning with key stakeholders like universities, training centres, government agencies, think tanks, NGOs and private companies. This enables these organisations to take up more market development initiatives and improve their practices.

Capitalisation Brief

External Relations:

Government of Bangladesh is a key player and partner of Katalyst’s ongoing efforts to reduce rural poverty. Katalyst aims to work closely and effectively together with relevant government ministries (such as the Ministries of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock) and their respective departments (such as Department of Agricultural Extension, Department of Fisheries, and Department of Livestock Services etc.). Katalyst’s External Relations unit has the mandate to raise and increase awareness for and understanding of the project’s market development approach among relevant government ministries and departments by disseminating project-related information and knowledge to government officials.

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