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Communications and Monitoring and Results Measurement


Communication, or ‘spreading the gospel’ as it sometimes was jokingly called in the early days, was an important element of Katalyst’s mandate. Initially, a communication team was set up, which was later formalised as separate Unit in Phase 2. In Phase 3, Capitalisation was made an overarching topic and a communication manual was developed in order to increase outreach. As part of its influencing agenda and its commitments to knowledge capitalisation, Katalyst elaborated a range of case studies and presented its MRM system in numerous international and national seminars and workshops. Main communication tools were case studies, storybooks, experiences and sector briefs.

Monitoring and Results Measurement:

Katalyst did always strive to be a learning organisation by changing its structures and processes as new needs arose; however, care was taken to change slowly in order not to destabilise the organisation’s functioning. Since Phase 1, Katalyst was faced with the challenge to credibly measure its claimed achievements in order to proof that M4P was indeed more effective than other approaches.

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