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Discussion on “Potential of Reaching Rural Markets through Television Agriculture Programmes”

A discussion was organised by Katalyst and Society for Media and Suitable Human-Communication Technique (SoMaSHTe) at Lakeshore Hotel on 16 November 2014.

Katalyst created a platform for the potential sponsor companies and the media industry to discuss scope of collaboration between these institutions. The main objective of the discussion was to identify how companies like agriculture input and multinationals can sponsor agriculture based programmes on TV and how the media industry can facilitate the process. In the media industry, usually resources are not sufficiently allocated for the agro- programme teams which results in poor quality programmes and on the other side of the spectrum, the identified potential sponsors look for opportunities to reach their rural target market in a mass scale. The participants discussed that sponsorship for agriculture based programmes will assist the television channels to assign more resources to agro-programmes and enhance the quality of the programmes for the rural farmers. On the other hand, sponsoring companies can brand their products and obtain access to the rural markets through these media houses.

Representatives from Petrochem, Ispahani Agro Ltd, Metal Agro Ltd, EON group of industries, SK+F participated in the discussion on sponsoring agriculture based programmes on television. Multinational and advertisement organizations such as Adcomm, I positive and Edison Group were also present. Also, four private TV channels namely, Channel I, ATN Bangla, Ekkator TV, GTV were present. Mir Masrur Zaman, news editor from Channel I was present as moderator at the dialogue session with 23 participants in total.

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