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Earthquake Preparedness Training

A 2-day comprehensive Earthquake Preparedness Training was held at Baridhara DOHS Convention Centre from 3-4 April, 2016. The training was conducted by Strategic Edge of Switzerland. It was attended by all staff of South Asia Regional Office (SARO) and Katalyst.

It was a very important training as it dealt with the most unpredictable natural catastrophe, that is, earthquake. Although we are helpless when such a disaster strikes, we ought to be prepared to face the trails of devastation that it leaves behind. The first half of the first day of the training dealt with theoretical aspects. Thereafter, all the participants had to undergo practical training on light search and rescue, firefighting and first aid.

The trainers were all certified and very well experienced and included: Edessa Ramos, Robert Alexander Ramos, Robert Clifford Mann and Andy. They demonstrated the different techniques of rescue operations, how to pull out trapped and injured persons from rubbles, providing first aid, providing CPR, administering bandage, etc.

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