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Katalyst started its operation in Bangladesh in 2003 with Phase 1 of the project. In Phase 1 (2003-2008) the project achieved significant impact to jobs and income by increasing the competitiveness of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in selected urban and rural sectors. During Phase 1, it helped to create around 200,000 jobs and benefited 700,000 farmers and small businesses, by increasing their access to better services, technology, inputs and representation.

Phase 2 of the project (March 2008 – March 2013) built on the achievements of Phase 1. Its emphasis was to increase the strategic coherence of Katalyst’s market development activities. It focused on a portfolio of agricultural, semi-rural industrial and service sectors with prospects for large-scale impact on the poor, as well as mitigation of environmental, social and gender-related issues. During Phase 2, Katalyst reached out and contributed to the increased competitiveness of around 2.36 million farmers and small businesses, and increased their income by around USD 295 million.

Phase 3 of the project commenced in March 2014 and will be implemented until March 2017. By the end of Phase 3, the project’s goal is to reach 1.43 million additional farmers and small and medium enterprises, and increase the income of its beneficiaries by USD 260 million.

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