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Katalyst and BIDS signed contract to inform and influence relevant public agencies on IMD initiatives

Katalyst and Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) have signed a sub-facilitation contract on 15 February 2015 at Katalyst office. Under this programme, BIDS will work to increase awareness on Inclusive Market Development (IMD) amongst relevant public agencies.  The main purpose of the assignment is to encourage the private sector organizations to take up Inclusive Business (IB) related initiatives.
This initiative is mainly focused on capacitating relevant public agencies so that they improve their understanding on private sector’s role in development and government’s role in leveraging private sector’s contribution towards development. Katalyst plans to support relevant government agencies to  promote the development of rule based, non-discriminatory and inclusive markets, by designing incentives and policies that will direct and encourage the private sector to undertake more pro-poor (or inclusive) business.
Mr. Markus Ehmann, General Manager, Katalyst and Md. Imanur Rahman, Secretary, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies, signed the contract, on behalf of their respective organisations.

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