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Katalyst and Business Promotion Council (BPC) signs MoU to improve export competitiveness in agriculture

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Agri-business for Trade Competitiveness Project (ATC-P), branded as Katalyst and Business Promotion Council (BPC). Mr. Markus Ehmann, General Manager, Katalyst and Mr. Md. Shahabuddin Patwary, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce and Coordinator, Business Promotion Council (BPC) signed the MoU on 2 September 2014.

Katalyst and BPC agreed to collaborate in areas of developing capacity of Business Promotion Councils and market players, e.g. private companies and business associations, to provide improved services to its members.

Katalyst with BPCs will jointly work to develop partnership and planning skills for performing the role as effective public private body. Katalyst can support BPCs to periodically develop different policy papers with government agencies. Katalyst will facilitate to create linkages and networking events between BPCs and other relevant market players for growth of export agro sectors. Furthermore, Business Promotion Councils will implement the planned activities in close cooperation with its member sector associations and in that way will serve as linkages with the relevant sector stakeholders.

During the MoU signing ceremony, Mr. Nasir Ahmed, Head of Capitalisation, Communications and External Relations, Mr. G. B. Banjara, Head of Sector Portfolio, Mr. Md. Ashraf Ali, Joint Secretary of Ministry of Commerce and Project Director, Mr. Md. Emdadul Haque, Senior Advisor from Katalyst and Mr. Md. Hafizur Rahaman, Deputy Coordinator of BPCs and Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Government of Bangladesh, were also present.

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