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Katalyst and Direct Fresh sign partnership grant contract

Direct Fresh Ltd and Katalyst have signed a partnership contract to establish and promote a sustainable channel for safe vegetable. Direct Fresh Ltd., founded in 2013, is a food procurement and distribution company engaged in food and beverage wholesale and retail in Dhaka. The project is a unique initiative to address the food safety issue in Bangladesh by producing and distributing chemical free produce and providing gainful employment to farmers.

Direct Fresh Ltd. will offer fixed guaranteed buyback contracts to the farmers by providing quality seeds, fertilizers, bio-pesticides and technical know-how on Good Agricultural Practice (GAP). The project will also offer training and support services to additional farmers in the greater Manikganj community (in Joymontop and Binadangi village), including the implementation of technological solutions to rapid soil testing, market price mapping, and crop projections across time, varieties, and regions. This project will also create consumers’ access to reliable and trusted distribution channel of safe vegetable and ensure fair market price to the farmers. General Manager of Katalyst Markus Ehmann and Managing Director of Direct Fresh Mishal Karim were present along with the representatives from both organisations at the signing ceremony held at Katalyst office premises.

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