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Katalyst and Rahman Agro Farming help poor farmers to thrive

Katalyst and Rahman Agro Farming help poor farmers to thrive
Katalyst Innovation Fund provides co-funding to promote eco-friendly composting technology


Many small and poor farmers do not use organic fertilisers such as compost, but they rely on chemical fertilisers to increase their production. That is why Katalyst, through its Katalyst Innovation Fund (KIF) initiative, is working together with Rahman Agro Farming in order to promote the usage of tricho-compost technology among farmers.

Trichoderma is a bio-agent that can be used to produce compost with raw materials in a relatively short time. It offers a low-cost, eco-friendly solution to improve the quality of soil, which leads to better fertility and better productivity. This ultimately results in increased income for small and poor farmers. As many small farmers do not have access to compost or they are not aware of its benefits, KIF is providing co-funding and technical support to Rahman Agro Farming in order to encourage innovations in Bangladesh’s agri-business sector. Under the KIF initiative, Rahman Agro Farming is going to   establish a farmers-based business model in which small farmers will produce their own compost with a tricho-compost solution. The agro-input company will provide the trichoderma solution to 250 farming households and train them on pit preparation and tricho-compost production.

 Additionally, Rahman Agro Farming will monitor the entire production process in order to ensure good quality compost and also buy back certain amount of compost from the farmers. Using trichocompost in the field will help farmers to enjoy better yields and increase their income. Ultimately,   this unique model will also provide the opportunity for Rahman Agro Farming to establish new distribution channels, extend its outreach, and increase sales and profit.

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