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Katalyst and the Extension Departments of the Government agree to work together on ‘Improving Local Government Services’

Katalyst and Intercooperation jointly organized a follow up workshop on “Improving Local Government Services” (ILGS) on 10 August 2010. The objective of the workshop was to get new direction of work from the government counterparts.
The workshop consisted of a joint presentation made by Mr. Rahman and Mr. Azman Ahmed Chowdhury of Katalyst on identifying areas of synergy where Katalyst can work closely with the government. The presentation was followed by an open discussion which was moderated by Mr. Hamidur Rahman. Katalyst having similar mandate of Government, Mr. Rahman focused on the importance of potential collaboration between the interventions of government and ILGS.

During the discussion, Dr. Kabir welcomed the ILGS program activities in the field. However, many others in the workshop including him also stressed on ensuring fair price for the farmers.

Three major decisions were agreed upon during the discussion as follows:

• An agreement would be signed with the ILGS programme and the government line departments to explore the effectiveness of the ILGS model in 20 upazillas;
• Agreement on further coordination and harmonization among different government projects and Katalyst’s activities;
• Signing of an umbrella MoU with the extension departments and formation of a task force to supervise the activities of the collaboration activities.

The workshop was chaired by Mr. Ajmal Huda of Intercooperation whereas Dr. Wais Kabir, Executive Director of Bangladesh Agriculture Research Council (BARC) was present as the chief guest and Mr. Uttam Deb from Centre of Policy Dialogue (CPD) was the special guest.

The workshop proved to be an effective platform for both the government extension departments and Katalyst to identify the potential areas of synergy and agree upon areas of future collaborations.

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