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Katalyst, BJMA and BJSA sign MoU on ‘Skill development and up-gradation of machineries in jute mills’

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed among Katalyst, Bangladesh Jute Mills Association (BJMA) and Bangladesh Jute Spinners Association (BJSA) on 11 March 2010 in Dhaka. The objective of the partnership among Katalyst, BJMA and BJSA is to increase the mill productivity by developing the skills of its employees through training and improving the machineries to enhancing productivity.

Both BJSA and BJMA are renowned sector associations with a mandate to increase the productivity of the Jute sector through their member mills. Jointly they cover around 84% of the jute mills and 81% of jute goods export of the country. They have wide access to different governmental bodies and linkages with national and international stakeholder groups. As the sector has huge potential with respect to demand of products and goods made of jute, the urgency for attaining a quantum leap in mill productivity is stronger than ever.

Due to their wide spread network and strong organizational capacity, BJSA and BJMA have the potential to create industry wide impact. This is the first time that both BJMA and BJSA are working together in a common platform.

Mr. James Blewett, General Manager, Katalyst, Mr. Najmul Huq, Chairman, BJMA and Mr. Ahmed Hossain, Chairman, BJSA signed the MoU representing their respective organizations. Among others, Mr. Shahidul Karim, Secretary and Mr. Mohamead Shams Uz Zoha, Vice-Chairman, BJSA and Mr. Barik Khan, Secretary and Mr. Kaihan N Rahman, Member, BJMA were also present at the signing ceremony.

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