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Katalyst partnered with Hatil to launch lifestyle products

Katalyst aims to promote local artisan-based crafts, as furnishing offer from furniture manufacturers and retailers in the domestic market.

The project has supported Hatil Complex Ltd. a leading furniture manufacturer in Bangladesh to launch its first line of locally produced ‘lifestyle’ items at the Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) 2012.

Hatil is offering quality local made handmade crafts which is a new addition to their other products which were mostly imported kitchen and living room accessories.

It has worked with groups of artisans in Kalihati and Pirgacha to build their skills for producing customized lampshades, potteries, artificial flowers and other accessories that fits with their current line of furniture. Their ‘lifestyle’ items are available in 15 out of 50 of their retail stores around the country.

Katalyst supported bringing in international experts on natural fiber, wood and earthenware products, to work closely with local artisans and designers to transfer technical knowledge in developing new product-line, innovative design and ensuring supply chain efficiency. Hatil plans to have these items available in all of their retail stores around the country by March 2012.

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