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Katalyst signs a sub-facilitation contract with Action for Enterprise (AFE) followed by a daylong workshop on “Improving access to vegetable seeds for remote vegetable farmers”

Katalyst signed a sub-facilitation contract with Action for Enterprise (AFE) on 14 December 2014 with an objective to implement interventions to create access to quality seeds for small farmers engaged in vegetable cultivation through Mobile Seed Vendors or other Innovative Distribution Systems.

Following the contract signing, AFE organised a workshop with private sector vegetable seed companies to introduce their new project on 15 December 2014. The objectives of this particular workshop were to support interested companies to:

  • expand their network of dealers, retailers, and mobile seed vendors to remote areas;
  • introduce improved products and packaging adapted to the needs of small-scale farmers;
  • provide useful information about their products to farmers; and
  • experiment with new business models and promotional methods based on the use of information communication technologies.

The workshop was attended by most of the major seed companies in the country, along with several ICT companies who provided insights into potential ICT solutions. This marks the first step towards generating more interest among the private sector actors to collaborate with AFE and Katalyst. It is expected that through this sub-facilitation contract Katalyst and AFE will be working for the seed industry as a whole to gear up towards providing products and services to the small farmers of Bangladesh enabling them to experience higher yields and thus higher incomes.

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