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Katalyst signs contract with World Fish Center to implement market development strategies with Feed Producing Companies

Katalyst and World Fish Centre Bangladesh, signed a contract on “Implementing Market Development Strategies with Feed Producing Companies” on 29 September, 2014. Mr. Markus Ehmann, General Manager, Katalyst and Mr. Ben Belton, Project Director, singed the contract on behalf of their respective organisations.

The objective of the proposed project is to improve feed production processes through capacity and skills development to enhance the quality and quantity of aqua feeds production in Bangladesh, resulting in a more efficient feed sector.

Katalyst hopes that access to quality machineries, modern formulation software and quality raw materials will result in more efficient operations for major feed companies. Furthermore, Katalyst and World Fish center, aim to explore and identify practical solutions to mitigate the factories’ energy shortages, and work with an international research station to develop a nutritional database that is very much as per the nutritional content/unit available from locally sourced inputs. This will increase productivity and profitability for fish farms and increase supplies of affordable fish for low and middle income consumers.

Mr. Gupta Bahadur Banjara, Head of Sectors, Katalyst, Mr. Nikhil Datta, Director of Finance and Operations, and respective teams from both the organisations, were present at the contract signing event.

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