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Katalyst’s Partners Success

Katalyst’s private sector partner Annapurna Agro Service has got the Bangladesh’s highest state award in agriculture – a Gold Medal in ‘Bangabandhu National Agri award’ for its contribution to Bangladesh’s Agriculture.  The company has received the prize for its achievement in ‘Environment- friendly agro-technology innovation, extension and usage in farmers level’. The award was given to Annapurna Agro’s proprietor Mr.  Ram Niwash Agarwala by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on 16th July. 

Annapurna Agro service is based in the Domar, Nilphamari district (Northern region of Bangladesh). Katalyst has been engaged with this company since 2nd phase. In phase 3, Annapurna received our competitive Partnership Grant (PG). The grant was given to improve production of Vermi-Compost and to strengthen company’s marketing and distribution network. The innovative part of this grant was, over 200 farmers would be engaged in production of compost with technical know-how and supply of earthworm by the company. The company would buy back the surplus compost  from the producer farmers. The company also produced compost from its own unit. As per the information given by the company, currently it has exceeded that target and is engaging 300 farmers in their production and buyback model. Added their own production to this, the company is now  selling 1,800  MT Compost (annually) and serving 20,000 farmers in the Northern region. 

Going back to the award, a total of 5 gold medals, 9 silver and 18 bronze medals were given in this year’s Bangabandhu National Agri Award. 

Gold medal has also been given to Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), which is one of our key anchoring partners this year, having updated its extension manual last year with Katalyst support. This year, we are working with DAE to build capacity of its Trainers to disseminate the content of the manual to its extension staff across the country. 

We feel happy to inform you that through your investment, Katalyst is able to build capacity of both private sector and public sector organisations in Bangladesh and our efforts are showing visible results at the national level.

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