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Local Agri-business Network (LAN)

Local Agri-business Network (LAN) works across the Katalyst portfolio to address weaknesses in agricultural extension service delivery. Overburdened and under-resourced extension agents, supply-driven national extension programmes, and the farmers’ lack of a collective voice have created a gap between the extension service being delivered and the requirement of the farmers, affecting the performance of the farmers as well as the agriculture sector as a whole.
Katalyst in end of 2006 devised a complimentary channel for extension service delivery by leveraging existing upazila-based traders’ associations and strengthening their skills to create networks with farmer groups. The alternative associations further facilitate formation of public-private initiatives, bringing together the relevant upazila public officers and farmers to proactively tackle issues which affect agricultural productivity. The network model presents mutual incentives to its stakeholders to keep the networks functioning. Farmers benefit from improved opportunities to access a diversified range of agricultural services, while for the government officers, presented with improved ways to meet their annual target (farmer outreach and production).

By 2017,  336,538 farmers will benefited by using networks between upazila traders’ associations and farmer groups is strengthened and used by public and private sectors as a complementary mechanism to reach more farmers.

Local Agri-business Network (LAN) Sector Brief- English

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