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Market Development can contribute to more food safety in Bangladesh

Improving the production and supply of safe, healthy food is a big concern in Bangladesh. That is why the 4th Global Social Responsibility Conference, hosted by the Bangladesh German Chamber of Commerce & Industry on 3rd March 2016, has dedicated a panel discussion to this topic. Markus Ehmann, General Manager, Swisscontact-Katalyst, stressed that a market development approach can create the right incentives to develop new business models that focus on the production and supply of safe food: “Bangladesh’s ever-growing middle class is increasingly focusing its attention on the issue of safe food. Private companies have a great opportunity to tap into this market by providing training on safe production techniques to small farmers and engaging them in their value chain,” Mr. Ehmann said.

Katalyst works with a number of companies such as ACI and Direct Fresh in order to develop new ‘safe food business models’ that benefit both farmers and private companies.


Participants of the panel discussion further included Mike Robson, Country Representative, FAO; Kazi Zeeshan Hasan, Director, Kazi Farms; Srinivasa Kumar Karavadi, MD, Bayer Crop Science Ltd.; Mayeenuddin Chowdhury, MD, Khanbahadur Group; Mustak Hassan Md. Iftekhar, Chairman, Food Safety Authority; and Alan Bertin, Project Manager, DAN Cake. The panel agreed that there was a need and a business case to further improve the food value chain and that regulation is one important aspect that needs to be further improved.

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