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Market Development Forum and Katalyst share experiences on Impact and Result Measurement

Market Development Forum (MDF) in partnership with Katalyst recently organized a day long workshop on ‘Impact and Result Measurement of Private Sector Development (PSD) projects’ on July 13, 2011. The workshop analysed the challenges faced by the development sector in capturing and reporting impacts and change in PSD projects.

Mr. Asif U. Ahmed, Chair, MDF welcomed the participants of the workshop, who were mostly MDF members and some other organisations such as IPA, CMSC. Mr. Markus Kupper, Director of Monitoring Results Measurement (MRM), Katalyst was also present at the event.

The workshop had three working groups on attribution, employment and gender assessment. Participants shared their experiences and learning with the practitioners and researchers. Hasan Shahriar and Muaz Jalil from Katalyst’s MRM team presented its MRM system in place and the overall concept of monitoring and evaluation in social projects. Among the key points discussed, were how to measure the collective wider impact made by different development organizations using different approaches.

In the working groups, participants discussed and shared their views on designing logics to measure the actual change of an intervention and reporting process of impact measurement. The participants have suggested that sharing different approaches of result measurement practices from different organizations was an effective way to evaluate their own approaches and see the potential to apply different methods of impact measurement.

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