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Monitoring and Results Measurement (MRM)

Katalyst’s Monitoring and Results Measurement (MRM) System consists of the following elements:

The purpose of the system is to provide reliable and timely information so that the project management at all levels of decision-making can transparently assess “what worked and what did not and why”. Through this feedback better decisions will be made and resources will be allocated more efficiently.

The system is overseen by a MRM Group that cooperates closely with the sector teams so that the monitoring and results measurement is integrated into the design, testing, adaptation and scale up of all interventions. The group members advise the operational teams in the preparation of impact logics, drafting of monitoring plans, design of survey instruments and other data collection tools, defining attribution and analyzing and using findings.

Since its first phase, Katalyst has been working on developing a high quality impact assessment system and has contributed significantly to the development of the DCED-Standard for Measuring and Reporting Results. This process culminated in the full audit of Katalyst’s MRM system by two auditors certified by DCED in May 2011. Their report attested Katalyst to run and operate a solid results measurement system with some additional features.

As a result, Katalyst will incorporate recommended clarifications into its MRM manual and stay committed to comply with the international best practices and standards on measuring and reporting results.

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