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MoU signing between Petrochem Bangladesh Limited and Radio Jhenuk, to utilise the Community Radio as a platform to broadcast agricultural information

Agribusiness for Trade Competitiveness Project (ATC-P), branded as Katalyst have recently partnered with Petrochem Bangladesh Limited (PCL) and Radio Jhenuk, a community radio station in Jhenidah, to facilitate the broadcast of agriculture based programme to benefit the small farmers. In this regards, PCL and Radio Jhenuk, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 01 September, 2015. Saif Uddowlah, Director PCL, and Parvin Nahar, Station Manager Radio Jhenuk, signed the MoU. The objective of signing the MoU is to utilise Radio Jhenuk as a media partner to disseminate agro information through the agriculture based radio programme, as per farmers’ information demands. For PCL, the radio programme will also be a platform utilized to promote their brand through title sponsorship of the programme. Katalyst has appointed media experts who developed the capacity of Radio Jhenuk to enhance the format of their existing agriculture based radio programme and enable the broadcast of relevant information on agriculture. In addition to that, business management skills of the radio station was also developed for the very first time. Katalyst has also played a proactive role in sensitising the private sector organisation PCL on the opportunities and benefits of partnering with Community Radios. As a result of the improvements, Radio Jhenuk have successfully approached PCL and have now agreed on broadcasting an improved agriculture based programme sponsored by PCL, that aims to benefit large outreach of small farmers with agro information that may result in increased income. Among others, A.B.A Siraj Uddowlah, Managing Director, PCL, Asif Uddowlah, Director Finance and Admin PCL, Partha Sharati Roy, General Manager Marketing PCL and other representatives of PCL, Katalyst and Somashte were present in the signing ceremony.


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