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Programme Implementation

Katalyst aims to consolidate and anchor selected on-going interventions from its third phase with key public and private institutions. The project continues to capture lessons learnt from various market development initiatives taken up over the years. Knowledge capturing initiatives and the development of knowledge products by extracting the experiences of Katalyst-supported business initiatives is an ongoing process. During the remaining period of the project, the main focus of the project is therefore, on two strategic areas:

The two thematic areas mentioned above has a total of eleven interventions or activities which have been prioritised from capitalisation and anchoring work initiated in the beginning of Phase 3, using the following criteria:

1. The intervention’s contribution to wider systemic change in agriculture sector of Bangladesh;
2. The readiness of the partners to undertake activities;
3. The feasibility of completing the activities within the timeframe of extension period; and
4. The intervention’s resource requirement (within the limit of extension phase mandate).

These interventions or activities are the reflection of the portfolio development, that was commonly known as Sectors over the different phases.

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