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PrOpCom from Nigeria visits Katalyst to learn about M4P

PrOpCom (Promoting Pro-Poor Opportunities through Commodity and Service Market), a UKAid funded Market Development programme based in Abuja, Nigeria, recently visited Katalyst to gain practical experience on how Katalyst implements M4P approach.

Mr. Tunde Oderinde, Catalyctic Intervention Manager, PrOpCom spent time in meeting Katalyst staff in the office in Dhaka as well as in seeing activities in the field during 20-24 February 2011. Mr. Tunde met with the Core Leadership Team (CLT) of Katalyst to get insight about the strategic management and organisational culture of Katalyst.

A series of discussions were held with the Group Managers from different groups to know more about the various activities in the different sectors. He also met with the Group Directors to learn about how Katalyst engages in the overall operation.

In addition, Mr. Tunde visited Katalyst’s intervention in agriculture machineries. He was taken to Bogra to see the irrigation pump manufacturers and maize sheller producers in order to see how Katalyst has intervened in the agricultural machineries. The site visits also helped him to get a thorough understanding of how Katalyst’s interventions in improving the skills of the irrigation pump manufacturers in the irrigation sector reduced the cost of production as well as increased the efficiency.

Mr. Tunde appreciated the opportunity to be able to learn the practical experiences of Katslyst in implementing M4P approach. He was impressed to see the open, learning and innovative management style of Katalyst and praised its dynamic and young team.

PrOpCom is operating in Nigeria since 2008. The programme works with government institutions, businesses and individuals to enable agricultural markets to work better for the poor.

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