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Rangpur Municipality launches automated One Stop Service (OSS)

Hussain Mohammad Ershad, MP inaugurated the Rangpur automated One Stop Service (OSS) for Business Licensing and Billing on 14 November 2009. The initiative started in 2007 in partnership with Katalyst. This is the 2nd initiative in Bangladesh to establish OSS. The first OSS was established earlier by Rajshahi City Corporation with assistance from Katalyst. The event was attended by Begum Rawshan Ershad, MP, Mayor AKM Abdur Rouf Manik, Akhter Hossain, CEO of Rangpur Municipality and selected staff from Katalyst. Certificates were distributed among the participants of a capacity building training course for the municipality officials.

Automated OSSis established with the objective to enable large number of SMEs to get better access to services in order to reduce their business operating cost and institute good governance at the Municipality. The first intervention in Rajshahi City Corporation demonstrated that the OSS services gained confidence in business community and inspired other businesses to legalize their enterprises resulting in increased revenue for the City Corporation.
Under the intervention, Katalyst supported the institutional strengthening while the Municipality Corporation managed all infrastructural and legal aspects.

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