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Rural Development Academy (RDA) joins Katalyst as a partner in Fertilizer Market Development Project

Katalyst and Rural Development Academy (RDA), Bogra entered into a partnership to share resources to develop RDA as a service provider for commercial Trichoderma, the active de-composting agent for compost, and promoting Trichoderma-enhanced composting technology both at the commercial and individual farm level. Trichoderma is a soil borne beneficial fungus, which enhances the de-composition of organic materials within 4-5 weeks. In a signing ceremony held on March 28, Monday, 2011 at RDA, Bogra, Sadruddin Imran, Chairman of Innovision Consulting Pvt. Limited co-facilitator of Katalyst and Mohammad Nazrul Islam NDC, RDA agreed

on a deal committing to facilitate the commercial production and supply of Trichoderma activator and promoting Trichoderma-enhanced composting technology.

Under this collaboration, a laboratory will be built at RDA for commercial production and marketing of Trichoderma activator and facilitate training initiatives for local service providers and botanists about its usage. Under this contract, RDA will be responsible to manage promotional activities to increase awareness on using Tricho-compost at the farmers’ level.

Compost is not available in sufficient quantities in the market and composting technologies are uncommon. Innovision expressed its concern regarding farmers’ insufficient usage of compost in cultivation resulting in degradation of soil quality. Promoting a better composting technology at the farmers’ level will ensure increased usage of quality compost for crop production as well as fertile health of soil. After establishing the Trichoderma culture laboratory, RDA will ensure a proper distribution of Trichoderma activator RDA will also assess the success of the program in association with Innovision team. Based on the success, RDA will expand its commercial production of Trichoderma activator and become a service provider by the end of June 2012.

Among others, the event was attended by Mr. M A Matin, Director, Administration and Center for Irrigation and Water Management (CIWM), A K M Zakaria, Director, Agriculture Sciences Division, Mr. Fazlul Bari, Director, Training Division, Mr. Firoz, Director, Planning Division of RDA Bogra, and Nahita Nishmin, Business Consultant, Rural Sector Group of Katalyst.

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