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‘Television Krishi Shafollo’ won Commward 2015

In 2014, Agri-business for Trade Competitiveness Project (ATC-P), branded as Katalyst, partnered with four TV channels – Channel I, ATN Bangla, Gazi TV and Ekattor for improving the quality of their agriculture broadcasting and generate mass awareness of the programmes among rural farmers. As part of the intervention plan, an awareness building campaign, “Television Krishi Shafollo” (Agriculture Success in Television) designed by Katalyst (Information Channels) and its private sector partners has recently won the prestigious Gold Commward 2015. Every year Bangladesh Brand Forum, an organisation focusing on brand building strategies, recognises aspiring advertising agencies for their work based on creativity, innovation, uniqueness and impact. The awareness building campaign, carried out by Windmill Advertising Limited, has been awarded under the category of Rural Marketing on August 29, 2015.

This first of its kind awareness building campaign for television agro programmes was a key feature of the Katalyst’s intervention designed to facilitate audience driven agriculture programme in four TV Channels. Addressing the strategic constraint of farmer’s lack of adequate knowledge on the timing and content type of TV Channel’s agro program, this rural promotional campaign focused on disseminating information related to Channel I, ATN Bangla, GTV and Ekattor TV’s  specific genre and information on agriculture programmes.

Concentrating more on the retention of farmers, the interactive feature was integrated into this campaign. Information on the agro programme embedded in folk songs caught the attention of farmers to have a better understanding. Participatory approach of involving the farmers in Haats (local markets) through Quiz Game played a big role to disseminate the agriculture based programme information. Branded Merchandise from TV Channels also helped farmers to connect with the message provided through the awareness campaign. The agriculture based programme team and local correspondents of the four TV Channels contributed their strategic guidance and actively participated through interacting with farme r.

The purpose of implementing this activation campaign was to create awareness among the farmers. An impact assessment, conducted in June 2015 indicates that approximately 300,000 farmers have benefitted from the information broadcasted in these programmes. Windmill Advertising Agency received the award for their uniqueness and creativity and thanked Katalyst for making them a part of this wonderful campaign.


Representatives from Windmill Advertising Limited, at the award ceremony, Dhaka

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