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Training for seed breeders with The World Vegetable Centre and BARI

The World Vegetable Centre, commonly known as AVRDC is an international body which conducts research, builds networks and carries out training and promotion activities to improve the quality of vegetable seed production and to raise awareness on the role of vegetables for improved health and global poverty alleviation.

Katalyst, in partnership with AVRDC is facilitating the capacity building of seed breeders of vegetable sector in Bangladesh, by organizing the international standard trainings locally. A series of trainings has been planned and the first training on “hybridity test” was conducted from 17-19 October. The second round was conducted on “maintenance breeding and inbreed line development” from 18th-19th December, at Horticulture Research Center, BARI, Gazipur. 29 representatives from different private seed companies and 4 scientists from BARI participated in the training session, facilitated by Dr. Andreas Albert, currently a freelance consultant who had previously served as a Genebank Manager and Global Theme Leader – Germplasm, at the World Vegetable Centre.

The responses from the companies have been commendable. In the future, AVRDC would continue to provide these international-standard training programs locally, ensuring sustainability of the initiative taken by Katalyst.

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