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Training on latest Aquafeed technology organized by Katalyst and Worldfish for Bangladesh Fish feed companies in China

Fish feed is a very critical input needed in fish culture. Any issues with quality of fish feed can severely affect the quality, growth rate and weight of the fish harvested, thereby reducing the profit for the farmer. As part of the Market Development for Quality Feed initiative between Katalyst and Worldfish Center, efforts have been made to work with the fish feed companies in Bangladesh to explore the opportunities to improve the quality of fish feed produced. As part of the activities a machinery training titled “Training on latest Aquafeed technology” on the latest machinery technologies related in producing fish feed was held in Muyang Holdings Ltd. Headquarters, from 27– 30 July 2015  in Yangzhou, China. Muyang is one of the leading machinery manufacturers specializing in making Fish and poultry feed machinery.

The training had sessions on grinding and drying technology, methods for making sophisticated extruded and pellet feed which are needed for making high quality, digestible fish feed. The training sessions also included site visits to Muyang’s production facility where the machinery are prepared, along with a site visit to a Chinese Feed company, who were one of the customers of Muyang, who have procured fish feed machinery and were using the machinery in their existing operations. This allowed the participating feed millers to obtain a first-hand understanding of how Muyang’s machineries have been integrated into the operations of a feed company, and evaluate the benefits of using such technology. The purpose of the visit was to encourage Muyang to deliver focused training on fish feed machinery operation, and also motivate Feed companies to procure the necessary equipment to upgrade the capacity of their feed mill. In the visit there were 26 participants consisting of 15 Feed companies and also the local dealers of Muyang in Bangladesh, machinery maintenance organizations. A number of companies have expressed their interest to purchase machinery from Muyang and take an attempt to improve the existing quality of fish feed produced. Keeping in consideration the fish feed nutrition, machinery capacity, fish species and farmers to produce better quality fish feed.

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