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Workshop on “The Opportunities of Partnering with Community Radios”

Two linkage building workshops have recently been completed between community radios and potential sponsors for stimulating opportunities of sponsorship for community radios. These workshops have been facilitated by Katalyst and coordinated by Asiatic. The first workshop was held with the multinational companies, media agencies and community radios on 15 September 2014. The second workshop was held in presence of agro input companies and community radios on 17 September 2014.

The main objective of these workshops is to bring community radio owners, media buying houses, multinational companies and agro input companies together and to exchange the dynamic outreach of community radio in their respective community. Community radios are relatively unexplored and less accessed by media agencies and potential sponsors. However, these community radios have been able to reach regional people with localized content. This makes community radio one of the best medium of communication at the grass-root level.
In both the workshops, the discussions were focused on making the media agencies and agro input companies understand about the importance and benefits of community radios in reaching community people. The discussions also highlighted the reasons why the private companies should come forward to sponsor these community radios. The recommendations that came from the media agencies is that, they need a database of listenership and the list of the products that have demand in targeted communities. Agro input companies acknowledged that they can reach significant number of their target population through community radios. Representatives from 9 community radios, media agencies, agro-input companies and Katalyst were present at the workshops.

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